Free downloads for the Original Edition Delta fantasy rules system.

OED House Rules Cover

Promotional Flyer

Want to share the playful elegance that is Original Edition Delta with friends and acquaintances, but don't know where to start explaining it? Here's a postcard-sized promotional flyer that you can hand out or email to get the ball rolling. They'll know we mean business!

OED Monster EHDs

Monster EHDs

A concise, digest-sized listing of all the monster Equivalent Hit Dice (EHD) listings in the Monster Database (see below). These have been found by computer Monte Carlo simulations (several million sample combats each). Use these for encounter balancing, XP awards, etc.

OED Monster Determination

Monster Determination

Tables to generate monsters in the dungeon as per OED level analyses. Suggested as a replacement for OD&D Vol-3, Underworld and Wilderness Adventures, p. 18-19.

OED Monster Database

Monster Database

All the monsters from Original D&D in a handy spreadsheet (Open Document Spreadsheet, ODS format). Includes OED-style interpretations to fill in any gaps, special abilities, estimated Equivalent Hit Dice (EHD) values for balancing and XP, automatically-generated stat blocks for copying into adventure materials, and more.

Github Code Repository

Github Code Repository

Are you a coder? Visit Github to see the Java code repository we use for large-scale modeling of D&D encounters to produce statistical analyses of demographics, monster levels, encounter-table balancing, treasure, experience awards, generating bands of men in the wilderness (and more) under OD&D/OED rules interpretations. Free to study, use, and share under the GPL-2.0 license.