Software tools for the Original Edition Delta fantasy rules system.

At OED Games, we spend a lot of time using software and statistics to make sure that our game systems are as robust, playable, and dependable at your table as possible. We're happy to provide these same software tools as open-source projects so you can use them yourself, and even inspect and modify them to verify what we've done.

The tool package below supplies a command-line Java JAR file. We didn't have time to provide a fancy graphical interface. You must have Java installed on your computer, and be able to run command-line programs. Download the ZIP file and unzip. On the command-line in that folder, you'll run the command java -jar Athena.jar. Add to the command line the name of application that you wish to run:

As a DM, the most immediately useful tools for your game might be the NPCGenerator (batch-creates NPCs, either as short text files or full PDF character sheets), and the Marshal (creates groups of bandits, brigands, berserkers, etc., with fully detailed leader-types). Use MonsterMetrics to assess the strength of new monsters you create. Use the basic Arena program to assess overall level progression using the OED rules interpretations (as close to Original D&D as we could make it).

Command-line switches set options and control behavior for each program; run with the -? switch to see the list of usage options for any application.

Download the Athena tool package here: Athena Latest Release

If you're a programmer, see here for the JavaDoc documentation on this package.

Also see our Github repository for full source code and additional details about these programs!