Your source for Original Edition Delta brand supplements for the original Fantasy Role Playing Game. Compatible with Original Dungeons & Dragons (registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC).

"Like the original, with a little change."

OED Book of War Cover

Original Edition Delta: Book of War

Mass combat in a miniatures game that's fast, elegant, fun, and statistically representative of core D&D combat! At 1:10 scale, your familiar high-level monsters, heroes, and wizards can take part. Built around easy conversion rules that you can use on the fly during a standard D&D game when you need it - with a history of billions of computer-simulated battles to make sure powers and prices are reasonably balanced. Includes simple rules for castle & ship-based battles.

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OED Book of Spells Cover

Original Edition Delta: Book of Spells, 2nd Edition

A concise, comprehensive collection of magic spells for use with the "original edition" game. A handy supplement for both DMs and players of wizard characters. Keep a copy aside for each wizard player at your table; or just print out the specific pages that your wizard character needs. Everything inside is fully Open Game Content material. Now edited in a 2nd Edition to make it even more quicker, easier to use, and closer in alignment to the original game!

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OED House Rules Cover

Original Edition Delta: House Rules

Short mechanical house rules for OD&D. Clarifies and streamlines races, classes, abilities, time & distance, the turn sequence, multi-classing, weapons, and encumbrance. Includes a description of the "Target 20" system: combat and resolution with the same results as D&D, but no tables or new statistics required.

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